Kent Schluter

General Manager

Kent Schluter, the general manager of North Coast Erectors, brings a unique set of skills to the management of our construction company. Beginning his career in construction in the early ’80s and then spending five plus years as a stock and options trader Kent has the special ability to understand both the construction of projects and the financial performance of successful companies.

In the early 2000s, Kent joined a major steel construction firm in Southern California as Senior Project Manager and Vice President of Construction. During that time of focus on steel fabrication and erection Kent found a home for his passion. The stringent rules regarding life safety, tight fabrication and erection tolerances with the challenges of schedule driven construction have become a calling for Kent. His list of successful projects includes several high profile projects, but none so high as the fabrication and delivery of the Umm Qasr Port in Iraq. The first project fully paid for by Iraq domestic dollars from oil sales to replace the main Iraq Navy Seaport after the Gulf War. Other major projects in which Kent has led the steel management team include the Ventura California Medical Center and Hospital, Fresno Parking Structure, an eleven story parking structure across from the IRS building in Fresno California, Morgan Hill California Court House, the Fourth Street Tower in Santa Monica California, Kotzebue Seawall in Kotzebue Alaska, D to M Street Railroad Bridge and the Historic Murray Morgan Draw Bridge in Tacoma Washington. Kent has been involved in numerous classified projects that include defense systems fabrication and erection as well as bridges and ports for military equipment and access.

Kent now leads the team from the office in Anacortes, Washington and if he doesn’t answer the phone on the first ring it is because he is either pulling a crab pot or reeling in a salmon. Several past customers turned friends now find the time to join him in the pursuit of this second passion.