Anacortes, Washington

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Thank you to Trico Companies for the photos

Integra Building

Anacortes, Washington

The Integra Building located right in our office’s hometown of Anacortes, Washington, was a combination or ironwork and carpentry.¬†With the mixture of miscellaneous steel and wood, we were able to build a magnificent staircase that is on display right on Commercial Avenue. This project was awarded to us by Trico Companies, and was dealt with head on by one of our more versatile project managers, Blake Schluter. This project combined blackened miscellaneous steel with Douglas fir wood to create a very functional and aesthetically pleasing staircase, with a sleek modernized steel storefront. This project turned out to be a success, with a huge thank you to everyone that worked on this project!

Integra Exterior DSCF8928

Galvanized Awning

Galvanized Awning


Integra Stairs DSCF9608

Integra Stairs DSCF9433

Integra Stairs DSCF9432