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Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch

North Coast Erectors is proud to join the Kelly Slater Wave Co. on their quest for the perfect (man-made) wave!

This one of a kind project in Lemoore, CA is the ultimate inland surfers paradise. The steel structure allows the water to be pushed up to create the perfect glassy barrel.

Other materials combined with structural steel floor framing lets the waves break naturally along the shore, with a specialized safety net to keep the surfers out of harm’s way.

Congratulations to the crew who worked long hours in the summer heat to bring this project to completion! Thanks to DPR Construction for a successful partnership.

The Surf Ranch has cause quite a commotion in the surfing community, as a fantastic inland option to practice and perfect surfing. So much attraction has came to the Surf Ranch that ESPN is running a feature about the project, to read the article, follow the link!

To see the wave in action, check out the official site at

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