Mercer Island, Washington

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Thank you to Sound Transit

Mercer Island Station : East Link Extension

Mercer Island, Washington

A new Light Rail system is coming to the Seattle area, and we are lucky enough to be the iron workers that will tackle this massive structural steel project that consists of the light rail station located in Mercer Island in Washington.

As AISC Certified Erector’s; Sound Transit and Kewitt-Hoffman have put us in charge of erecting the structural iron for the East Link, Mercer Island to Judkins Park Stations, on the first ever Light Rail in the area.

We are already well under way erecting structural iron with our WABO certified welders on the Mercer Island station, and will soon to be erecting the connecting station at Judkins Park in Seattle WA.

This project involves massive structural steel that our highly skilled crew of WABO Certified Welders and Local 86  Iron Workers have been working relentlessly to get done!

This Light Rail is the first of it’s kind in the area – the Mercer Island station will bring a new modern look with all the steel installed and welded.

The Mercer Station provide’s easy access to the community with only a 10 minute ride to downtown Bellevue, while bringing a Modern Steel design to the area.

To see our crew of hardworking Local 86 Iron Workers welding and erecting the Structural Steel for the Mercer Station E130 Light Rail, follow the project’s progress by clicking on Sound Transit link below.




A majority of the Structural Steel has been Erected for the Mercer Island East Head House.


Mercer 5

Mercer Station

WABO Certified Welders

Mercer 7

No matter the space – we get the Structural Steel Erected.


Mercer 6

TR 1654

TR 1651

Welding Crossbeams

Welding Crossbeams